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Super Mezotox

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  • A unique and patented mezo technology that offers incredible results for your customers without needing a single surgical procedure.


    This amazing device hydrates, renews skin leaving it looking completely rejuvenated by increasing the skins production of hyaluronic acid.


    Regional growth: sunken cheeks, lips (contributing to fullness), firming of the neck area and décolleté and the back of the hand.


    Treats and clarifies skin texture, freckles, dark circles, eye contour, post acne, large pores, scars, and stretch marks. Resurfaces deep wrinkles and fine lines in all skin areas.


    Encourages hair growth, stops hair loss.

  • Micro-needling technology is a precise and effective tool in combating unwanted activity by providing inter cellular/dermal energy through a controlled microscopic Nano needle.


    Phototherapy uses a red-light beam. Harnessing energy from the red light to increase blood flow and energy levels in the skin cells. Phototherapy technology accelerates metabolic processes in the cell, heals damaged tissue, and encourages fibroblast cellular activity which results in healthy and smooth skin.


    Nano needles: there are two types of needles 1) Diamond tip needles perform resurfacing, peeling and 2) a small gauge needle performs rehabilitation, repair and rejuvenation to the skin.


    The syringe is conveniently attached right to the device for direct contact of the product to the skin.

  • Pairs best with the Mezotox Serum.


    The serum reduces the wrinkles depth, contributes to firming the face skin and effective in skin pores contraction and immediate smoothing of the entire skin!


    Some of its unique ingredients include:

    Blue Agave
    Hyaluronic Acid
    Biomimetic Peptides


  • Watch the SR Super Mezo Device in action with this instruction video.