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Pearl Peeling

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  • A detoxifying mask that smooths and lightens the skin to refine wrinkles and repair scars.

    Natural and gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the epidermal layer, ensuring effective absorption of any active ingredients from serums and lotions that are applied after.   

    It's enriched with herbal extracts and pearl powder to visibly brighten skin, making it look even and radiant.

    Great for all skin types, except problematic skin.

  • Bearberry Extract - a skin-lightening ingredient that reduces melanin production because of its high concentrations of Alpha Arbutin. This hydroquinone derivative is one of the most effective actives to even out skin tone by eliminating melasma, sun and age spots.


    Rosemary Leaf Water - the nutrients help protect skin cells from any damage caused by free radicals or sun rays. It contains potent antioxidants that strengthen capillaries to slow down the effects of aging.


    Pearl Powder - enriched with calcium and oyster protein, which surrounds the pearl as a super fine powder, accelerates skin cells' metabolism and renewal process.


    White Lily Extract - an aquatic herb that's a super skin multitasker! Known for stimulating cell renewal and its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. This active ingredient fights redness, inflammation, aging, dryness, large pores, and bacteria. It also effectively removes dead skin cells to reveal tighter, younger and more radiant skin. 

  • MSRP: $80



    1 mask 2 different applications!

    Quick Glow: apply to clean, damp skin. Mix a small amount of the Pearl Peeling mask with 2 drops of Vitamin C Serum and massage into the skin. Leave it on for 2-5 mins. Rinse thoroughly with water.

    For deeper penetration into the skin use a face brush or roller.

    Extended #MeTime: on clean skin, apply a medium layer to the face and do you for 15-20 mins, then rinse with water, and glow get 'em!   

    Finish either with 4 drops of the Wrink-Les H.A. Pomegranate Serum.

    Treat yourself once or twice a week.