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Caviar & EGF Night Repair - Eyes & Neck

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  • The combination of the preparation as a primary serum, before each application of an additional cream, contributes to the speed of penetration of the preparation applied over it. Filling wrinkles and firming the skin, immediately observed a youthful appearance. The rate of skin aging is slowed down and the "skin addiction" to this preparation, which is similar in its ingredients to the skin ingredients, is proven!


    It is very important to use the product about 3 drops consistently and daily, as the natural hyaluronic acid decomposes quickly and looks for ways to fill in the gaps. In addition, the product contains biomimetic proteins / identical to collagen and elastin and caviar extract that contains essential fats


    Omega 3-6-9, whose important function is to maintain the skin cell envelope.

  • MSRP: $105


    Directions: twice a day drip two drops, and lay around the area The eyes and neck. Massage lightly until completely soaked.