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Caliente Peeling Mask

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  • The mask is made of thermal minerals.


    Creating exothermal heat, the zeolite peeling component accelerates the softening of the skin for the purpose of cleaning and removal of dead skin cells.


    The peeling improves and strengthens the skin tonus affording it the effect of lifting for young and radiant appearance.


    For all skin types

  • MSRP:

    $80 for the 100ml size

    $180 for the 200ml size


    Instructions: apply the caliente peeling generously to moist facial skin with circular movements. This can be repeated 2 additional times while wetting hand with water. For creating a heat reaction by the water coming on contact with the peeling wait 1-5 mons and rinse peeling from face. The treatment can be complemented with moisturizing serum or moisturizer cream.