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Caffeine: AC Fine

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  • A therapeutic cream formulated to effectively treat problematic skin with fewer ingredients and one potent active ingredient that helps achieve more visible results. 


    This pH-balanced formula effectively treats acne, hyperpigmentation, helps control excess sebum production, rosacea and skin damage with a gentle peeling action that will visibly transform the skin's complexion and tone.


    Reduce dark spots caused by sun exposure and melasma/chloasma caused by hormonal changes related to pregnancy and ageing. 


    Great for problematic skin. Especially effective for treating darker skin types.

  • Azalea Acid - is a naturally occurring acid that is clinically proven to treat acne & rosacea. It helps the skin renew itself faster and kills the bacteria that can cause pimples and blackheads to form. The high concentration of this acid suppresses melanin, which helps reduce the appearance of blemishes. 


    Caffeine - contains chlorogenic acids that reduce inflammation, remove dead skin cells and unclog pores.

  • MSRP: $140


    Directions: for use at nighttime. On clean skin, apply a small amount to the problematic areas every other day. For use on affected skin only as needed, consistent use will lead to greater results for those problem spots.
  • For skin brightening - use the AC Fine together with the DMAE Lipo-Vit Intensive Serum, which contains 10% stable vitamin C.

    Safe for pregnant women: treats hormone-related melasma/chloasma, dark facial skin spots that appear during pregnancy