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Caffeine: Anti-Dark Circulars Eye Serum

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  • A hydrating and lightweight serum specially formulated to reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, dark circles and under-eye bags. Leaving the skin around the eyes looking rejuvenated and bright.


    The serum absorbs quickly and gets right to work in the eye contours to fight signs of fatigue. It penetrates deep into the pores with antioxidants that neutralize skin damage and early ageing caused by environmental factors. 


    It's enriched with 5% caffeine, the key ingredient responsible for decreasing puffiness by enhancing the natural draining process and supporting capillary circulation.   


    Great for all skin types.

  • Caffeine - a high concentration, coupled with the other active ingredients, contributes to their increased metabolism and absorption. Reduces inflammation and cleans out pores.  


    Hyaluronic Acid - plumps the skin around the eye contour to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. 


    Jojoba Oil - contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and powerful antioxidants that balance, soothe, and hydrate the skin.


    Niacinamide - a potent vitamin that increases the skin's resiliency and improves texture.   


    Squalene - improves skin at the cellular level, contributes to the reduction of wrinkles while slowing down skin ageing processes.


    Vitamin E - an antioxidant that protects and repairs damage caused by free radicals, erasing visible signs of ageing.

  • MSRP: $140

    Directions: apply a small amount of the serum around the eyes, gently patting until fully absorbed. 1-2 times daily. Avoid direct contact with eyes.